Need Help Getting Well?

Get the Depression Monitoring Kit!

Families for Depression Awareness is inviting families (people with depression and their family members or friends) to participate in a pilot evaluation of our Depression Monitoring Kit.

The kit is designed to help you:

What is the Kit?

This kit is an educational booklet to help adults with depression and their family members monitor their depression treatment with daily and weekly tools. The Kit was developed in response to the Food and Drug Administration’s advisory that families monitor antidepressant treatment.

What is the Pilot?

We ask that you complete a pre-survey, use the kit for a month, then complete a post-survey. The survey questions will ask you if the kit helped you manage your treatment more effectively.

Why should I participate?

Families with depression across the country urgently need a tool to help them get well. Your input is invaluable. It will help make this Kit useful and available to other families. You may also benefit by learning about treatment and how to monitor it to get well.

All information will be kept confidential and your name and contact information will not be released without your written permission.

To sign up for the pilot now, go to

If you have questions, please call (781) 890-0220 or email